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Iris recognition industry chain into the beginning of continuous improvement

Time:2017-09-22 Views:150
Iris recognition parts manufacturer of industrial chain including chip, camera, module assembly and other related enterprises, the efficiency of the application of iris recognition module products mainly depends on its own technology research and development, and the perfect degree of the core algorithm. In the field of iris recognition technology at the core of the algorithm, the international leading research institutions such as the United States Iridian, Iriteck, Korea Jiris have obvious technical advantages, including Iridian companies in the United States as the world‘s largest professional iris recognition technology and product providers, such as LG, panasonic, OKI core authorized to provide the iris recognition algorithms, support partner production iris recognition system. 
Contrast, domestic core algorithm in the initial stage, the iris recognition technology provider mainly comes from Shanghai jiaotong university image and automation of Chinese academy of sciences, this "one south one north" two research institutes, iris industrialization of research results have already, and have their special operating companies. Zhongke hongba‘s shareholders include Lin zhou heavy machinery group holding co., LTD. 
Research institutions have American Iridian, iris recognition Iriteck, South Korea‘s Jiris company, Beijing zhongke rainbow bully, Beijing rainbow AnXiangYu, Japan panasonic, etc., including Iridian company master core iris recognition algorithm, is currently the world‘s largest professional iris recognition technology and product provider, it and LG, panasonic, OKI, NEC, and other enterprises to cooperate, to provide authorization way iris recognition algorithms, core support partner production iris recognition system. 
Domestically, having started behind overseas companies, but in the national institutes of scientific research plan and the joint efforts of scientific research personnel, there are many more well-known companies, industry chain is constantly improve. 
(1) algorithm and software layer 
At present domestic major companies include: poly rainbow rainbow photoelectric, CST, interpretation of the code in the dahua, Wu Hanhong knowledge, ses, day cheng, etc of poly (rainbow rainbow photoelectric and CST bully more leading, especially poly rainbow photoelectric has developed rapidly in recent years. 
(ii) system scheme and integration 
On the home front, at the integrated solution provider is give priority to in order to grasp the core algorithm of enterprise, the main supplier for rainbow rainbow photoelectric and CST, interpretation of the code dahua, Wu Hanhong knowledge also have related products. As a subsidiary of the nanchang biological recognition system, the company is developing an iris recognition system, which is experienced in iris recognition system and module integration. 
(3) infrared LED 
SAN ‘an photoelectric and lianchuang photoelectric are at the forefront of domestic companies, and the new third board company, xu sheng, is also a company whose main business is infrared LED. 
(4) infrared camera 
Thanks to the smartphone era the development of the mainland manufacturers, the current domestic related listed companies is more, more positive in the infrared camera company mainly include: camera module - ShunYu optics, the thin light, infrared CIS - than families, photoelectric color filter - crystal, optical lens, ShunYu optics, lianchuang electronics, CIS package - jing fang technology, hua tian science and technology, etc. 
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