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Clean and improve the car interior trim and maintenance tips

The seat portion of the general vehicle takes up most of the car and is one of the most exposed parts of the car. When the seat is not very dirty, it is suggest...

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Intelligent building demand will be the trend of human life

According to the Royal Institute of Architects, people spend an average of 20 hours a day in commercial buildings or dwelling. In view of the growing global pop...

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Iris recognition industry chain into the beginning of continuous improvement

China‘s iris recognition core algorithm is in its infancy, the technology provider mainly from the Shanghai Jiaotong University Image Institute and the Chinese...

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Four Trends of Intelligent Building in Intelligent City Construction

At present, the Internet of Things industry has penetrated into the construction, home, transportation, medical and automotive and other fields. And with the de...

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In September, 213 public safety industry standards abolished many standards in t...

According to the relevant provisions of the "industry standard management approach", in accordance with the State Council "to deepen the standardization of work...

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Opportunities and Challenges of Iris Recognition Technology

Fingerprint and iris recognition, integrated the mainstream of the market biometric technology, as long as the hardware can collect standard data. For a time to...

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Smart home market into the rapid growth of a single enterprise is difficult to m...

At present, China‘s smart home appliances on the market more in the inherent attributes of superimposed on a certain degree of automation and intelligent funct...

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