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Guangzhou smart home and intelligent audio development prospects

Time:2017-09-22 Views:166
Guangzhou smart home now have a very good development prospects, along with the development of the Internet and artificial intelligence, the future can only is to enter the mainstream of the development of furniture, now only speakers have become a new development of guangzhou smart home darling, here small make up take you to look at guangzhou prospects of the development of smart home and the only sound box. 
Mobile APP, smart TV, smart refrigerator, smart robot... At the door of smart homes, brands have been around for years. Nowadays, intelligent speakers and become a smart home has a tuyere, whether it has been updated with the three generations of jingdong ding-dong intelligence speakers or just released Tmall elf, or millet AI intelligent speaker has just come out soon, manufacturers for the breakthrough point of the smart home is still in groping. 
In November 2014, Amazon‘s website low-key launched a carry the intelligent voice assistant Alexa intelligent speakers - Amazon Echo, opened the door of smart home market in Europe and America, in the United States market, Amazon Echo accounted for 70% of the us market, shipments of more than 10 million units, not eight families in the United States, has an Echo. 
In 2015, jd.com teamed up with hkust to launch jingdong smart speakers, but it did not make the Chinese market popular. Until 2017, China‘s smart box market is on fire. Alibaba, baidu, lenovo, xiaomi, ask and the Himalayan companies have all released smart speakers. Tencent has also said in public that it is working on a smart speaker. 
However, this is not a simple competition about intelligent household hardware, now, artificial intelligence has can be realized by intelligent speaker voice interaction of Internet of things, although still very mechanical and even some funny, but the Internet of things really come, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, who can preempt the intelligent speaker market, can through the voice interaction system to master the intelligent home appliance market, to complete the layout of the smart home not only means that the manufacturer of smart home control, more able to interact through intelligent system have more spending habits, which is contained in a huge gold mine. 
However, it is not easy to imagine. There is still a long way to go for the popularization of intelligent life style, and no hot style products and usage scenarios can actually lead to the popularity of long time. In addition, speech interaction system also faces many technical problems, such as the "intelligence" and "humanization" of voice interaction. 
At present, the voice interaction of mature voice intelligent speakers in the market is also "instruction" interaction, and even the recognition of voice can not be perfect, not to mention the mechanical problem of instruction. In addition, due to the high competition caused by the ecological services do not open also seriously restricts the function of intelligent speakers, with intelligent voice assistant Alexa Echo with 1, 5 m function, but the domestic intelligent household excuses not yet unified. 
In addition, the smart speaker has a very sensitive topic: privacy. In the Internet age, people‘s privacy information is almost the most serious challenge. With the popularity of smart home, this problem will be more serious. The relevant laws and regulations on Internet platform users‘ privacy need to be improved. 
In the smart speaker wars that intelligence lives in the battle of "ecological" almost touched the hearts of the from all walks of life both at hkust fly, will chi such intelligent phonetic system of the enterprise, or midea, gree, such traditional home appliance enterprises, or baidu, ali, Internet company tencent, jingdong, millet, almost all can form in the tight stare at the tuyere. Once the smart home market is established, a boom in entrepreneurship and investment, no less than the sharing economy, will come. 
The above is the development of guangzhou only furniture, it seems that the box will become the next vents. 
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