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We will deepen reform to create new conditions for the transformation and upgrad...

Thirty-eight years of reform and opening up have made our country grow into the world‘s mold manufacturing power. The transition to the mould manufacturing pow...

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Manufacturing: the strongest focus of competition between China and the us

The competitive dynamics between China and the us will change dramatically, even fundamentally, after Mr Trump is elected President. Most people think that the ...

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The development of intelligent sensor is an important measure of international c...

On December 2, global sensor and intelligent development peak BBS was held in Beijing. The meeting by the institute of microelectronics, Chinese academy of scie...

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Post-car market chain 6 development trend

In the member, through the micro mall good products and construction services, form word of mouth spread, accumulate members; Meanwhile, we can use coupons, vou...

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Guangzhou smart home and intelligent audio development prospects

In the boom of the smart speaker, the smart home of the "ecological war" affects the hearts of all walks of life, whether it is Kodako Fei, Si Chi Chi such inte...

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With the accuracy of voice recognition to enhance the new paradigm of human - co...

China‘s voice industry alliance data show that in 2015 the scale of the global smart voice industry reached 6.12 billion US dollars, an increase of 34.2%, is e...

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